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MMA Bruce Lee style

Have you heard about mixed martial arts Bruce Lee style?

Well here's the story:

In the days before Bruce Lee an event such as the ultimate fighting championship would have been taboo. Back then karate black belt's would only fight other karate black belts -- kung fu practitioners would only fight other kung fu practitioners and so on. It was unheard of -- and considered almost blasphemy for individuals to train in multiple styles.

So when Bruce Lee introduced Jeet Kune Do as an amalgamation of several disciplines... it was really the birth of today's mixed martial arts.

Bruce Lee then is unquestionably the father of today's modern mixed martial arts -- so says Dana White, president of the UFC. In today's modern fighting arena if you have only studied one martial art you are a huge disadvantage. UFC fighters must study and practice more than one style of martial arts to be successful. This has been proven over and over again in the octagon.

So how would a Bruce Lee fared in the ultimate fighting championship? Many UFC fighters and veterans alike agree that he would've done well. Lee's daughter Shannon was quoted as saying "I think he would've kicked butt!"

And I agree with that. Jeet Kune do is based on 4 different ranges.

* Kicking range
* Punching range
* Clinching range
* Grappling range

To be successful in mixed martial arts/ultimate fighting you must study various martial arts disciplines.

The most popular ones are:

Muay Thai or kickboxing for the kicking range. Western-Style boxing for the punching range, called dirty boxing or Greco-Roman wrestling for the clinching range and Brazilian jujitsu and Sambo for the grappling range.

source: ezinearticles.com

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